• 1. What is it?

    Bloove is an online phone management service. With Bloove you can add and edit address book contacts and speed dial settings, initiate calls, work with messages and logs - all from your favorite browser. It is just like PC Suite for the web.

  • 2. Why do I need it?

    Bloove communicates with your mobile phone via a wireless data connection such as GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Wi-Fi etc. This means that no cable, infrared or Bluetooth hardware are needed. You only need to install the Bloove Agent application on your phone - no installs are required on the desktop making the installation process quick and easy. You can manage your phone from anywhere that you have access to a browser, without any need for a cumbersome desktop application.

  • 3. How much does it cost?

    Bloove offers free and paid usage plans. With the free subscription you can connect one mobile phone to your account. The contact archive will hold a maximum of 15 contacts and the message archive a maximum of 100 items.

    Access to SMS via POP3 (Gmail, Outlook or other mail programs) and auto synchronization are available with our paid plans only.

    All other features are unrestricted: you can manage an unlimited number of contacts and messages on the phone, and there is no time limit - basic functions will be free forever. Please check detailed information about Bloove plans.

  • 4. How do I Sign Up?

    Fill out the simple Bloove registration form, install Bloove Agent and provide secure ID displayed by the Agent.

  • 5. How to install Bloove Agent?

    Open http://bloove.com/m on your mobile. It will find a compatible version for your phone automatically.

    For Android, Symbian or Windows Mobile phones you will need to agree with all warning messages and run the agent.

    For J2ME you will need to grant access to the network and your contacts for the Agent to work properly prior to running the application. Access settings are specific to the phone vendor, please refer below for more details.

    On Nokia phones the process is as follows:

    • Open "Application"
    • Select "Bloove Agent"
    • Select "Options/Application Access"
    • Set Communication/Network Access to "Always allowed".
    • Repeat "Always allowed" setting for the "Data access/Read user data" and "Data access/Add and edit data".

    On Sony-Ericsson phones the process is as follows:

    • Open Organizer/File manager/Applications
    • Select "Bloove Agent"
    • Select "More/Permissions" and set internet access to "Never ask".
    • Repeat "Never ask" setting for Read user data and Write user data.
    • If your phone allows you to do so, set "Never ask" to Messaging as well.

  • 6. What name should I fill out if I want to log into the Open ID tab on the home page of Bloove?

    Generally, OpenID is just a convenient way of reusing your existing account on other site (this only applies if the other site supports such functionality). For details please refer to the relevant Wikipedia article.

  • 7. How do I synchronize my mobile phone with Bloove?

    You need to start Bloove Agent on your phone. It will display a progress indicator, and after successful syncing a message "Sync done" will appear on your mobile. There is also a synchronize progress indicator on the web page which is visible when you are logged in.

    If you are a paid Bloove subscriber, you can set up automatic scheduled synchronizations. Please use the "Auto Sync" tab under the "Details" phone menu.

    On Android and Windows Mobile phones you can use the "Turn Wi-Fi on" option to automatically activate the wireless connection during the synchronization process. The Wi-Fi will be turned off automatically after synchronization. Please note that this may not work on some phones. For example there is known error in iPAQ Voice Messenger firmware saying "iPAQUtil does not match Model ID". In this case please do not use the "Turn Wi-Fi on" option.

  • 8. How do I manage my contacts and messages on my phone via my browser?

    You need to start Bloove Agent on the phone and wait until the phone is showing online on the web page. After that you will be able to manage the phone, such as adding and editing contacts, SMS etc.

  • 9. How do I view the message and call log history for specific contacts?

    A small blue balloon is displayed near the contact name if there is a message or call history for it. Click on this balloon to see the history.

  • 10. How does the "Send SMS" function work?

    The server will send a command to the agent, which initiates sending the message on your behalf. Most J2ME phones require user confirmation to send an SMS. Symbian phones will store the message in the sent folder, however this is not possible for J2ME due to the lack of API support.

  • 11. How do I set up POP3 access for my SMS?

    Bloove provides read-only access for your SMS.

    • First, enable it on SMS via POP3 tab in your Profile menu.
    • In your mail client set mail.bloove.com as the POP (Incoming) Server
    • Provide your username and password that you entered on the previous step.
    • Ensure that you uncheck the "Leave messages on server" option. Please note that messages will not actually be deleted in Bloove, this is required only to track if it has been downloaded or not.
    • If your mail client asks for an email address, use any fictitious one such as username@bloove.com, as this address will not be actually used. If it asks you to verify the email address, please ignore this message and skip this step.
    • If your mail client asks for an SMTP (Outgoing) server, please provide any fictitious SMTP address such as smtp.googlemail.com, as it will never be used.

  • 12. How does sync with Google contacts work?

    Bloove performs two- way contact synchronization with authorized Google account each time you synchronize your mobile with Bloove. Enable phones you want to synchronize on the "Google Contacts" sync tab in your Profile menu.

    Bloove synchronizes all contacts from your phone with all contacts in the "My Contacts" group in Google Contacts. All contact fields from mobile phones that are not supported in Google Contacts are passed across as user defined fields for reference. Google Contacts (Gmail) system groups are not synchronized because it is not possible to edit or delete them.

    If any contact or group were to be modified on the mobile phone and in Google Contacts at the same time then the mobile version of the contact or group would be used. For new contacts from Google Contacts (Gmail), Bloove attempts to find already existing contacts (that have the same email address or phone number) on the mobile phone and to merge them to avoid duplicates.

  • 13. Do I have to keep Bloove Agent running all the time?

    Bloove Agent should be running only if your make changes to your contacts, make calls, send SMS messages etc. If Bloove Agent is not running, the phone data will still be accessible in the browser in read-only mode.

  • 14. How much bandwidth does Bloove Agent use?

    We use our own optimized protocol between the agent and the server. It uses up about 20 Kbytes per hour in idle mode. The largest data transfer will occur on the first connection, and this is about 10 Kbytes per 100 contacts. Subsequent operations transfer only data which has been changed.

  • 15. Is Bloove secure?

    Yes. All agent-server and server-browser communications are encrypted using SSL.

  • 16. Which phones are supported?

    All modern Android 2.x, Windows Mobile 6.x, Symbian and most of SE & Nokia J2ME based mobile phones are supported by Bloove. You can find a detailed list of Bloove supported phones on our site.

    Currently we've delayed Bloove Agent development for Apple iPhone and RIM Blackberry because they both don't provide API access to SMS and only contact sync is possible. "For security reasons" Windows Phone 7 doesn't provide API to access contacts, SMS and phone calls at all. So we're not going to support WP7 until it's changed.

  • 17. Which browsers are supported?

    Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 7, Opera 9 and Google Chrome. Other browsers may work but these have not been tested and we do not guarantee their compatibility. You may use other browsers at your own risk and report your experiences in our forum.