Only for Nokia phones

Please note that the Bloove Agent cannot check if you are roaming with old Nokia S60 Second Edition Mobile Phones
Backup and Restore
Every time you sync with Bloove all your supported data (for example contacts, messages, bookmarks and phone logs) are stored on our server. You have the facility to restore it on the same phone, if the data was erased by resetting it or by performing a software upgrade. You can also restore it on another phone, if yours was lost or stolen. The restore process can be initiated either from the phone or from the Bloove web interface.

Auto sync
Bloove can automatically synchronize and backup all your mobile data (contacts, SMS, call log, bookmarks) at a specified time and with a specified time interval (hours or days).

Start Agent by sending activation SMS
Start Agent on your phone to manage it on real-time by sending the activation SMS. SMS is sent to provided phone number so mobile phone should be turned on, available in cell network and can accept incoming SMS. To send activation SMS from web interface you simply need to purchase message credits. Each activation SMS costs one credit.

With Bloove it is easy to create, edit and delete contacts on your phone. Our goal is to provide as many functions as possible on the phone itself. Bloove supports changing contact attributes, custom labels, multiple field instances, setting of default values and contact pictures.

Contacts on SIM
You can edit SIM contacts in the same way as usual. Plus you can copy contacts from the SIM to your phone memory and vice versa.

Contact archive
If you have a large contact list, you do not need to access all contacts on a regular basis. You can move rarely used contacts to the archive and free up more space on the phone. If you need these contacts you can easily move them back to the main contact list.

SMS folders
Bloove provides access to messages in your Inbox, Sent and other folders. User folders can be created, renamed or deleted. You can move messages between folders.

SMS archive
If you delete a message on the phone, an archived copy will be stored on the server. You can also archive any messages and folders using our web interface - archived items are deleted from the phone and kept on the server. You can use the archive function to de-clutter your phone and free up some space.

You can search and browse through your entire message list regardless of whether a message is archived or not (archived messages are grayed out). You can always restore archived messages to the phone if you need them. Note that the "Delete forever" command completely deletes messages both on the phone and on the server and cannot be undone.

Send SMS/Initiate call
You can send a message either by entering the number manually or by choosing it from your contact list. Bloove supports sending messages to multiple recipients or contact groups (each contact should have a default phone number for sending SMS messages).

If you are sending a long message, it is usually divided into smaller parts. Bloove automatically calculates the number of parts to be sent. There is an option to send a Flash SMS, which appears immediately on the recipient’s phone screen.

You can initiate your call remotely on the phone either by entering the number manually or by choosing it from your contact list. Bloove doesn't route the voice channel through your computer, it just dials the number. You can speak as usual with your phone or headset.

Scheduled SMS
Bloove allows the user to send scheduled SMS messages. For example, you can pre-set an SMS message to be sent at a future date for holidays or birthdays and your SMS will be automatically delivered at the specified time. The SMS is placed in the Outbox folder on your phone until the scheduled time.

Browser bookmarks
You can add, edit and delete browser bookmarks and bookmark folders on your phone.

Phone logs
Bloove provides access to logs of your incoming, dialed and missed calls and displays call time and duration as well as links to the corresponding contact. Data usage logs (connection time, bytes sent and received) are also available. All logs from the phone are archived on the server and you can add your own text comment to each phone call.

Speed dials
Bloove allows you to check and edit your speed dial settings. Speed dials can be assigned from the contact edit form, or all speed dials can be edited in one list.

Bloove takes a screenshot of your phone and displays it on the phone Properties page. You can just right-click on it and save it to file.

SMS via POP3
You can export all of your messages into any Mail client supporting the POP3 protocol (GMail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail and many others). Use this feature if you want to have all of your email and SMS communication in one place.

Google Contacts sync
Bloove supports two way contact synchronization with Google Contacts, so you can have all of your mobile contacts in Gmail and vice versa.

Multiple phones per account
You can copy contacts, messages and bookmarks from one phone to another. You can use this feature to store your data on both of your phones (if you are a lucky user of two).